a little east of reality

Friday, April 01, 2005

Indian farewell for the Guru

I managed to evade three April Fool's Day trick attempts before heading off to the Kitchen of India for Cramer's farewell lunch. It was an awesome send-off with all the right components - good food, good conversation and lots of laughs. He's a regular at that restaurant and when they realised he was the reason for the celebration, they suddenly threw in a $50 voucher to go with his presents. Nice.

Cramer's one of those people who is undeniably wise, but still looking at the world with young eyes and eager to learn. Officially he's retiring, but he has lots of plans, particularly to pursue his photography and do some freelance writing. He said today that he feels like a base-jumper, perched on top of some high place, eager to jump but wondering what it's really going to be like once he does.

Hopefully he'll keep in touch. I have a strange feeling that, unlike most people, he will.