a little east of reality

Thursday, March 31, 2005

the lowdown: 24 mar 05

My uncle Richard is so quirky cool. He has this neat little life set up just the way he likes it, and it's a pretty interesting mix. Full-time he is a goat farmer. For fun he plays sax (sometimes trumpet I'm told) with a band he's been in for years. He also writes a weekly newspaper column called The Lowdown, a social comment piece that mixes observations and anecdotes with sly references to current events and a whole lot of humour (and much inuendo...eek). He rambles a bit, but if you read it in a Bajan accent it sounds right. Occasionally he mentions the rest of the family, which sometimes gets him in trouble. He often mentions his mother-in-law, which I'm SURE gets him in trouble. Anyway, here is his column for the 24th of March. The 'brother Joe' he mentions is my dad.