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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ah romance...

I'm feeling rather smiley tonight, just because I heard some happy news that is so very old I can't believe I didn't already know it. I was trawling through my blogroll and reached the known universe and suddenly I am seeing the word honeymoon being bandied about. Lo and behold, Jamie has gone and gotten himself engaged. It happened while I was overseas and oblivious to all things bloggy.

Deborah is a lovely, lovely woman who (and I hope it doesn't annoy her for me to say it, but then she probably never reads this blog, so whatever) often reminds me of Sandra Bullock - not exactly the same but similar and just as beautiful. But actually I don't think Jamie's lucky to have her because she's beautiful. I think he's lucky to have her because she understands him and really cares about him and just takes life as it comes. I think she's lucky to have him because he appreciates her and is honest with her but always loyal. I also think they both have enough life experience to know that things won't be perfect, and to not need that to be truly happy, because they know what they want and have a few dreams and like supporting each other in all those various endeavours. And they both know that the best of life is found in the people that you meet.

So yeah, happy day.

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