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Monday, November 20, 2006

idol top 2

Usually the public gets one day to vote after an Idol show. This time we have a week and the grand final show is a huge event in itself, so I thought I'd throw a little post in now on the top 2 show. They'll both perform next week, but the votes will already be counted when the show goes to air.

Both Jess and Damien shone this week. They have very different styles and I'm all about Damo, but in her own genre Jess is just as good. They both sang three songs, but one more important than the others ~ the winner's single. Both artists prepare (and record) a single written for the occasion. Whoever wins, they release that person's version as their first single. I'm told that the songs were recorded back when Dean was still in, and he recorded a rock version of it. Sadly, of course, we'll never hear it (unless they put it on the DVD...possible. They'd sell a lot more of them if they did.)

Traditionally this song is a sappy power ballad (think If You Believe, Greatest Love of All, My Heart Will Go On) and Night of My Life was no exception. The difference is that, unlike previous years, the contestants were allowed to change the arrangement. Before the song was always identical in order to make the decision to vote one way or another all about the voice. This year they allowed people to audition (and perform in the show) with instruments and welcomed singer/songwriters, who inevitably had a lot more interest in creating their own arrangements. This has carried through to the final, and Jess and Damo's versions of the winner's single are very different. Both of them are completely representative of their trademark styles and are a good indication of what they will probably continue to produce if given a recording contract.

Here are the links for the vids of the other two songs for each of them:
Jess: Impossible/Together Again
Damien: Never Meant to Fail/Waiting on an Angel

I won't be upset if Jess wins, because she's been brilliant and the runner-up usually gets a contract anyway, but my very few votes will be going to Damo. To hear my favourite things about his voice, follow the link for Waiting on an Angel above. The winner's single was okay (his version) but I'd much rather he was releasing the other song next week.

Apart from the recording contract, the winner also gets to drive away this Mazda3 SP23. Well, Damien gets to drive it away if he wins. Jess gets to watch someone else drive it home until she can get herself some driving lessons. She said she's happy to learn in the Mazda. I bet she is, too! Sweet ride. ^_^