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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

idol top 3

Theme: Judge's choice (Dean leaves)

Even if you're really not into the Oz Idol thing, skip to the bottom of this post for two delicious treats I found for you on Youtube this week. Yummy!

This week each contestant chose one song from three suggested by the judges (one from each judge). Damien decided to challenge himself by learning Nessun Dorma, an opera piece in Italian, in one week, and wow ~ he's no Pavarotti, but I had no idea the guy could sing so powerfully. Impressive. Jess went with When You Believe, but wasn't up to her usual game. Dean sang Waiting on the World to Change, and was good without setting anything alight.

Next the three sang a song of their own choice: Damien sang Unchained Melody. It was lovely, but except for the scene in Ghost where it made me cry, I've always found the song a bit over-rated, (something I can never say in front of my Mum and Dad as it's 'their song'. ) Jess did To Sir, With Love, and though she was great I had to wonder at her youth (and ignorance) when she admitted she had no idea what the song was about. Firstly, any idiot can tell what the song is about from the lyrics. Secondly, while she's young enough to have never seen the movie, she's still a performer ~ how do you begin to interpret a song when you have no idea what the lyrics mean? Anyway, she's 17, so whatever... Dean took a risk by singing I'll Be, a song that never got much recognition in Australia, but he had the crowd and the judges in the palm of his hand. It was good to see him back on form, even if the next night the votes decided he was the one leaving. The grand final will be held at the Sydney Opera House next week and we'll see who, Jess or Damien, will take the prize.

And now to dessert. These are two hilarious clips taking the mickey out of Idol. The first is Adam Richard on Spicks and Specks explaining how to win Australian Idol, and then doing an audition piece that incorporates all of his own advice: priceless! The second is a clip from the (usually kind of dumb) comedy show called The Wedge. This guy does a perfect parody of Idol's lamest judge, Mark Holden. Enjoy.