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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

landy and the dame

Tragedy struck in December. It was so sad, I couldn't even bear to blog about it until now. I still may need a few therapy sessions, but at least I've stopped crying and just faced the fact that...

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Kate Bosworth have reportedly been shopping for engagement rings in a swanky London street. The pair were spotted in several exclusive jewellery stores on New Bond St on Friday, British tabloid The Sun reported.

Bosworth and Bloom spent most of their time in Bulgari and Van Cleef, and Arpels, the report said, with the lucky Bosworth appearing to favour a ring worth $154,000.

"They were picking out engagement rings and she was trying them on," a source said to the paper."They had huge smiles on their faces and were kissing and cuddling. It looks like Kate is about to be Mrs Bloom."


I know he's just a babe in the woods, but Lordy Lordy, "babe" is the right word in more ways than one! Some pictures of the boy just leave me dumbfounded ~ how can anybody be that beautiful?

Anyway, I found solace in the after Christmas sales at a glorious 50% off ~ the 2006 Orlando Bloom calendar. *sigh*
Phi's dry comment: I think that's going in your room.
My reply: Damn straight it is!
Where else would I put such delectable fare? Out in the kitchen where some stray cooking oil might splatter on his sweet face? Not likely. I think I might hang it above my computer for inspiration. I've gotta be careful, though - serious sugar shock potential. He's so adorable in interviews, too. *le sigh...le pant*

Kate Bosworth you are one lucky, lucky, woman.