a little east of reality

Sunday, May 01, 2005

house -> home

I really saw getting a flatmate a necessary financial evil. I thought I'd have to adjust to sharing my space all over again, and find it difficult to find the time to take my tidiness level up a notch as you need to when someone else is going to be affected by you leaving your stuff in what is now common space.

Actually it's brilliant. Phi feels like an old friend, without the baggage. We eat dinner together every night we're both home and it's interesting. I have more to talk about with this guy I've known barely a fortnight than I do with people I've worked with for over a year. We both like our own space and do our own thing, but it's surprising how often a random question or comment turns into a half hour conversation.

This was obviously a huge relief - to pick a flatmate and have him not turn out to be a nutcase or a bastard. What I didn't expect was how it's made me feel about the house. I've lost half my space and it feels more like home, not less. I like being there and I like the way the house is taking shape around us. I even like evidence of him being there, and I am going to suggest that he put some of the pictures he's brought with him up on the wall.

It'd be easy for this to come across as a big ole crush because I like him so much as a person, but that isn't the scenario I'm describing. In fact, that's just the point. I feel like I can create a real home with this guy, in spite of the fact that we are two people with quite seperate lives who just happen to share living space. It's like I'm setting up home with my brother, except that I have never felt particularly at home with my real brother. Maybe that's what is causing all this surprise. I'm not even sure things would have gone this well with my sister, even though I get along with her better and like her lifestyle.

Anyway, the point is that this is a good surprise and a welcome change.