a little east of reality

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

as winter drizzles in

More and more lately I'm leaving the house while it's still dark, but I've been able to fool myself that it's just the deepening of Autumn. I was still barefoot at home and walking out of the house each day in short sleeves.

Today that changed.

As I walked from the car park into work a persistent chilly drizzle made me slip a jacket on and wrap it tightly around myself. Soon I'll be shaking my duck down quilt to fluff it back into warmth and making space in the hall closet for my air cooler to hibernate, by taking out and dusting off the column heater.

Of course we've been lucky. I probably should be feeling glad that the cold weather held off as long as it did. But winter lasts a long time in Canberra, so I don't think I'm out of line hoping that this is just an anomaly and that the true start of winter is a little further down the track.