a little east of reality

Friday, March 18, 2005

interesting but free

“We were never bored, because we were never being boring.” (Pet Shop Boys)

I’m on a rather tight budget lately, which pretty much sucks. At first I was always complaining to myself that I had nothing fun to do, because I had no money to spend. And it IS pretty easy to find something fun to do when you’re rolling in ready cash, but it isn’t really the key. So recently I’ve been on a 'free fun' quest.

Of course there's always the standbys - books I've been waiting to read, friends to catch up with, etc, but I've also been scouring the community noticeboard on the local radio station's website to find something to go out and do.

Two weekends ago I got lucky – free Japanese film night put on by the embassy. Ended up meeting up with an old friend from university. Great night, even if the film itself made me nostalgic.

Last weekend was even better! The Whitlams and Killing Heidi were playing in a free concert (as part of a whole free day) to celebrate Canberra’s birthday. Humphrey B Bear was also there...hmmm, yeah, okay.

This weekend is a long weekend, so I was REALLY trying to find something interesting to do for free. And I found…a miniatures and dollhouse exhibition.

That’s right. An entire exhibition of…really small stuff.

Okay so the fun-o-meter was not exactly going off. But then I considered that maybe I was just ‘being boring’. So I might be looking at little things this weekend.

Unless something better comes along…

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." (Dorothy Parker)