a little east of reality

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Canberra sky

When I first got to Canberra (December 2003) I didn't really want to be here. Over time that's changed and now I'm pretty happy here (may still end up in Sydney one day, but we'll see).

One of the first things that changed my thinking was the sky here. There's not a lot of industry in Canberra and I'd just come from three years in Osaka where, thanks to the smog, the sky is pale grey all the time. Even in Adelaide, where I lived for three months before finding work in Canberra the sky is a paler blue. Here the sky is glorius. In spite of drought conditions we always seem to have some kind of cloud cover and honestly some days when these big, rolling clouds bunch together in the sky against a deep, vivid blue it's like we're just waiting for the choirs of angels to start singing.

Here's a photo to show you what I mean about the colour. The quote is from the Carly Simon song, "Let The Rivers Run".