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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

number nine...number nine

Turn me on dead man. (That's what it says when you play it backwards.)

Okay so, in no particular order, nine things I'm grateful for at 9:09 on 09/09/09:

- the upcoming work conference that will allow me to visit my lovely friends in Brisbane for free
- friends who turn me onto excellent songs/bands
- the Guild. Geeky goodness for gamers. Actually gamewise I prefer Duke Nukem to World of Warcraft, but luckily a guy at work has overwhelmed me into a glazed stupor helpfully supplied me with WoW game information I have no use for but which now means I understand pretty much every game reference in the show.
- writing group, writing prompts, words in general
- current homestay student. Blueberry Boy is nice, independent, has a good sense of humour, can feed himself if left alone, occasionally cooks Japanese food for me too. Like tonight. Just a pleasure to live with and staying eight months...bonus!
- Youtube.
- People who take the time to provide English subtitles for the Japanese, German and Catalan stuff I like watching. (Anyone ever notice that gay couples in soap operas are not constantly cheating on each other like most soapie couples seem compelled to do? I think it's because the characters are less common and there's pressure from the fans to portray them well and in functional relationships. Anyway, makes for excellent, not-tearing-one's-hair-out viewing. Brooke Logan-Forrester-Marone is so ridiculous I want to break things when she's on the screen and it's been at least ten years since I watched an episode of that soap.)
- So You Think You Can Dance? US, Canada and Australia. That show has attracted some fantastic, creative choreographers.
- my new Doc Marten shoes

I wonder what this list will look like by 10/10/10...