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Friday, June 20, 2008


People! (Yes, that includes any wayward Australians who might be leading the world astray.)

Lesson on the word Aussie:

Firstly, the word is pronounced OZzie, not AWsie. Picture the Emerald City. Click your heels three times if you need to. But remember, AWsie sounds AWful. Stop saying it.

Secondly, Aussie is short for Australian. Aussie is NOT short for Australia. I am an Aussie. I live under the Aussie sun. I do not live IN Aussie. You cannot travel TO Aussie. Can you travel to American? To Swedish? To Singaporean? No, you can't! You can't travel to an adjective. Stop claiming you're going to, because you're not. If you need to explain your travel plans, repeat after me: I'm going to Oz. I might meet some Aussies. We might have an Aussie barbeque. In Oz.

Are we clear? Good.

(Half the time we call it 'Stralia anyway.)

PS...Melbourne ≠ MelBORN, Brisbane ≠ BrisBANE. Both are pronounced with a schwa. Think Melbn and Brisbn.

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