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Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday night I saw Adam Hills' new stand up show, Inflatable. His comedy is so positive: builds people up rather than tearing them down; laughing with them, not at them. I can appreciate the snarky stuff, but it's nice to take a break from it, too.

I was five minutes late and yes, paid for it (as always with a comedy show) but he didn't give us too hard a time. And I had just gotten back from Adelaide. A friend picked me up from the airport and then I drove back into the city so I had a way to get home. The person I went with lives on the other side of the city to me so we met there rather than travelling together.

I stayed around to say 'hi' after the show and got an enormous purple helium-filled balloon for my troubles (about 20 of them decorated the stage). I almost couldn't squeeze it into the back seat of the car. It's now happying up one corner of the dining room. While we were still at the venue one balloon escaped its owner and was hovering with its string just out of reach, so Adam retrieved it. I don't usually remember particularly that he has an artificial right foot, but it certainly came to mind as I watched him nimbly hop onto another guy's shoulders so he could reach the balloon string. He wanted to hop onto a cocktail table at first, but the venue staff weren't having that. ^_^ (Another few funny stories about his foot.)

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