a little east of reality

Saturday, April 14, 2007

vote lazy!

Direct from my sidebar to your eyes. Lazy Blogger's been on my list of blogs to keep track of for some time now. I enjoy his travel stories and especially his photos. Now he's been nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award, so I'm putting in a little plug for his blog.

You need to sign up (free) to vote, but maybe you already have from voting in previous years. LB's nomination is for Best Travel Blog. But this isn't a plea for a mercy vote ~ just check out the nominated sites if you're so inclined, and if you agree he has something to offer, then give him your vote.

And check out his blog today, because today he happens to be featuring the island where I was born! Here's the link.

I see Dan Boud has been published again. I love watching his career in rock photography take off. I'll be voting for Boudist for best photography blog. I know lots of people who take good photos, but Dan not only catches some amazing live concert shots (hard to do) but he also shares his knowledge on how to do it ~ pretty cool!